Privacy Policy

Definitions used in this Agreement :
• Website: “mosaheh”.
• The client: The one requesting the service.
Terms of use are divided into two parts, for the clients and another for the editors.
Terms of use for Clients:
• Terms and conditions related to clients in this Agreement are applicable to all clients who registered on the website“” for any type of services, described in our services page.
• When you use the website “”, you agree that you are legally able to enter a contract.
• The information provided by you in the registration form is correct, up to date, and complete and you’ll update this information in the event of any change that happens during the period of this Agreement.
• The client should make sure that all the credit card payment information provided is accurate, correct and up to date at all times, and that he’s fully authorized to use this information for purpose of paying for services available via the website “”.
• The client is solely responsible for paying all fees incurred from using mosaheh’s services, including every process done under the client’s account.
• The client shall also be responsible to reimburse the website “” for any external expenses bore by mosaheh’s website due to providing false information, for example, but not limited to any fees resulted from false credit card information or incurred fees under the client’s account disputed in violation of this Agreement.
• The client may pay additional fees in return for converting from any non-US dollar currency to the American dollar or due to the use of a credit card to note that “mosaheh” doesn’t benefit from these commissions nor have any connection with it.
• The client is entitled to deposit a precautionary amount in his wallet linked to his account for later use. After that, the client can pay for the services using this wallet for the provided service. The precautionary amount feature offered by “" to clients to satisfy their needs notes that it’s free.
• When a client creates a new account on “" he’ll be asked to provide a username and password. The client is entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and username and any other security information related to the account. He’ll also be fully responsible for all activities that occur under his username or password. The client can’t share his account details like the username or password with anyone at any time. The client should notify “" for any unauthorized use of his password, username, e-mail, or any other breach of security. “mosahehcom" encourages clients to change their password at least once a month. “" will not be liable for any loss that the client incurs as a result of someone else using his account or his password, either with or without his knowledge. • It is prohibited to exchange for any contact information with editor including, but not limited to email, telephone or Skype.
• “" may contain links or other content related to other websites providing other services. “" has no control over any such links, websites, products or services, or otherwise provided by any such third party. “" is not responsible for any content, advertising, products, or other materials contained therein or the business practices or privacy practices related thereto. “" is also not responsible directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on such links. “" encourages the clients to review the privacy practices related to such sites.
• “” may contain advertisement links on behalf of third parties. By clicking on the advertisements, the client may be redirected to a website of the advertiser or receive other messages, information, or offers from the advertiser. “” is not responsible for the content, products, or services presented by such advertisers.
• “” reserves the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any service with or without noticing the clients. “” is not legally responsible for any damage or loss caused to the client or third party by the modification or discontinue of any of the services.
• “” allows clients to create a service request via the website and present it to editors and then get assigned to an expert editor in the same field.
• The editor transfers the service to the client when done directly via the website.
• “” commits to provide high quality in all services at reasonable prices. These terms and conditions included are related to those who work with us whether the valued clients or the editors collaborating with us.
• By registering in “” whether as a client or an editor you agree to all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, you will also be agreeing to be bound by the terms of mosaheh’s Privacy Policy.
• All items contained in this document are subject to update, change, add, or termination without prior notice. Clients and editors have to review this Agreement periodically.
• Our services include all the services described in detail on our services page.
• The client assumes full responsibility for the content, quality, and delivery of the document and its final use.
• The client is responsible for accepting or rejecting modifications to the document proposed by the editor.
• The client shall provide a valid e-mail address to communicate and receive the work done by “”.
• The price for the service is reserved in a wallet in “” before assigning an editor to note that the amount goes to the website’s wallet, not to the editor.
• When providing service to the client, the editor creates an invoice and the client has to take one of the two following choices within three days counting from the date of receiving the file from the editor:
1. Accept the service and approve the invoice with the possibility of evaluating the editor’s performance.
2. Reject the service in case it was not satisfying within three days counting from the date of receiving the file from the editor and treat it urgently to resolve the problem if the failure was due to the poor performance of the editor without adding any changes to the text except what has been changed previously by the editor with the necessity of presenting a convincing reason for rejecting the service and in case the reason wasn’t convincing, the work will be considered as completed.
• In case no decision was taken within three days from receiving the document, the first choice will be selected automatically.
• In case the client’s rejection was accepted, the work will be returned urgently to the same editor or will be assigned to a different editor without any additional amounts and the client will have to take one of the two choices mentioned above again (accept or reject) with a third option of getting a refund of the whole amount in case the service was unsatisfying by contacting “”.
• In case the job couldn’t be done for any reason, the client will be notified by email, and the paid amount will be refunded to him. • The client assumes full responsibility for any obscene, profanity, racist, spoofing, or reproduction of protected materials. • “Mosaheh”reserve the right to stop providing the service to the customer, and keep the paid amount in the case of he/she breaks any term contained in this agreement.
• This Agreement is governed by the relevant laws of Egypt.

Terms of use for Editors:
• By registering in “”, the editor agrees to all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement and will also be agreeing to be bound by the terms of Privacy Policy.
• The website should be provided with a softcopy of the passport or a government official proof for the editor, to ensure the privacy protection of the client’s documents.
• The editor should have enough knowledge of the text before starting the work in order to provide a high-quality service.
• When the editor registers for “”, he pledged to work with us as a collaborating editor for a period of at least three months and works on finishing the accepted work within the time limit with high quality and it’s not obligatory for him to work as a permanent employee for “”.
• The editor shall abide by all the terms of the contract of employment signed by the editor and the “”.
• It is prohibited to exchange any contact information with the customer including, but not limited to email, telephone, or Skype.
• The editor can fully view the details of his personal account once logged in to the website with the possibility of adding, modifying or removing any information from his personal account. He can also keep track of his personal wallet, and see the available tasks on the waiting list and choose the one the appropriate task for him, he can request a money transfer from his wallet to his personal account as he determines in accordance with the privacy policy of “”.
• The agreed-upon amount is transferred to the editor’s wallet at “” after finishing the work and the invoice is approved by the client in accordance with the policy of “” noting that the client has a period of three days to accept or reject the work.
• In case the client rejects the provided service and his reason was convincing and was due to the poor performance of the editor, the job will be assigned to an expert editor and will be submitted to the customer within 24-hours.
• The work is assigned to another editor in case he was unable to finish the work as required and the amount of money isn’t transferred to the first editor. Special deductions against the negligent editor according to the terms of the contract signed between the editor and “”. • “” transfers the money in the editor’s wallet at “” website to the editor’s personal bank account or by using any other ways of money transfer on the first day of every Gregorian calendar month.
• If the editor owns a PayPal account, it is possible to transfer the owed money – even if the sum was more than just one dollar – with the condition of doing so after sending every assessment by five days or in case the work was rated positively in before this period even if it was direct. • The editor is subject to an evaluation from the client for every task he done for evaluation and quality purposes.
• The editor is subjected to a periodic evaluation based on the number of completed tasks and the client’s satisfaction rate for the provided service.
• Mosaheh reserve the right to close, suspend, or limit access to the Editor account in the case of he/she breaks any term contained in this agreement.