1Dose "mosaheh" write any kind of letters or scientific researches ?
No. But we can help to reformulate it or improve its wording, and the price is agreed upon with the administration according to the size and content of the material.
2What can the proofreader do if the text is not suitable for editing and it needs to be rewritten ?l.
After accepting the job, the proofreader has the right to refused to complete the work in case the text does not meet the standards that enable the proofreader to complete the job. This applies to a situation where the proofreader believes that he/she will not be able to complete the job in an acceptable manner to you for whatever reason. In this case, you will be notified immediately via your e-mail, and a full refund will be sent to your account.
3What are the working hours for "mosaheh" site ?
From 7 am until 10 pm, every day of the week.
4What payment methods are available ?
"mosaheh" site accepts all the following payment methods - Credit card (Visa & Master) - Aman service & Fawry service - Banks wallets - Mobile wallets (Vodafone Cash - Orange Cash - Etisalat Cash - We pay) - Installments (Qasatly) - Meeza
5How can I contact you ?
There are several ways to communicate with us and you can choose the easier way for you. You can contact us by E-mail, Facebook, phone or through our website. Please visit Contact Us page for more information.
6Does the service really deliver on time ?
Yes, perhaps before the delivery time. But if there is a delay, we will take this into account and we will practice our practical apologies to the customer by offering a special discount for the current job or in the future.
7Why do you choose us ?
• Proofreaders with excellent certificates from top universities, practical experience in the same field. Look at the experience of our proofreaders. • Services available online from anywhere at any time: 24/7, 365 days a year • Training service: proofreader guide the customers to improve their academic writing • 100% satisfaction guarantee • Value for money: best services in return for lower prices • In advance quote: the quote is accurate before requesting the service and is not increased under any circumstances. • Service is fast and accurate: the job is delivered on time.
8Do you have experience in proofreading master and doctoral thesis ?
Yes, it is our specialty. Our proofreaders are academic staff with a high degree of professionalism and more than 10 years of experience in thesis proofreading for graduate students. Moreover, all the proofreaders are academics with doctoral degrees or master, which means that they previously wrote their thesis.
9Can the proofreader correct the references format ?
Yes, when you send a document for proofreading, the customer can tell the proofreader which type of references required. In case the client does not specify the type of references, we will write references correctly.
10Can proofreading services be provided to offices, companies and ministries ?
Yes. We can assist companies with all types of documents and texts, including but not limited to: advertising and marketing materials, series written in Standard Arabic, web content, documents, decisions, letters, reports, presentations, newspapers and magazines.
11I am hesitant to pay via the Internet. Is "mosaheh" site is safe to pay ?
Yes, it is completely safe to use our services. We take every possible precaution to ensure the security and safety of your confidential information, so you can use the service without any risk. If you have any concerns, you can contact us through any means of communication described in the Contact Us page at any time.
12Can anyone know that I have used "mosaheh" services, or able to see the documents submitted to your database ?
"mosaheh" saves all your confidential information strictly which does not appear to anyone other than our proofreaders. We usually keep a copy of your document in case you lost it and you need it later. However, the customer is entitled to ask us to delete all copies.